Bread machine

In the households used bread machines’ original coating (generally not Teflon) unfortunately not the one with the best quality. The reason of this, that the mass production the possible cheapest production is found necessary, and they save on the quality of the coating.
The customer experiences this during the first couple of bakings because he tries out various recipes vainly, the bread gets stuck in it or in a badder case the coating detaches.
The equipment does not have other trouble, the question arises so – we waste all, or let us have it improved. (90% of the equipments are repairable)
In the first case everythingv starts again.
With choosing reparation we identify that a real Whitford DuPont TEFLON® coating unfortunately not cheap, sometimes reaches the new equipment price, but on the other hand for a long time it solves our problem.

Breadmaker bucket reparation 5.000 HUF / piece
Paddle reparation500 HUF / piece
Our prices net prices and do not include the potential postage.

You decide.

If you selected the reparation, please send the bucket of the equipment and the paddle into our firm. We remove the old coating, and coat the surface with a Whitford or DuPont TEFLON® coating.